Bare Firefly

Bare Firefly

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Our sculptural art-lanterns strive to emulate the beauty of the natural world.  Inspired by flower buds, cocoons, and of course, our favorite twilight phenomenon, the firefly, it is our hope that the Bare Firefly Pendant will usher into your home a bit of the magic we experience at our home in the woods.  Graceful curves and organic shapes govern the copper sculpting process. Each copper strand is meticulously hand-shaped, placed, and soldered to form a composition that is balanced and echoes with the movements of nature.  

The Bare Firefly, sans paper, blends our love for organic design and industrial sensibility.



Materials:  Sculpted copper pendant; Copper ceiling canopy; Brass hardware; Glazed white porcelain socket; Cloth covered cord

Ceiling canopy: 4.5" L x 4.5" W x .5" H
Shades: 10-11" H x 8-10" W
(Each shade is entirely made by hand, and size will vary slightly.  Shade dimensions are approximate)
Drop: 36" - 108" adjustable higher on-site
Choose desired fixture length below
Fixture Weight:  Approximately 3 lbs. (varies slightly)

Cord:   Pale Gold, Brown, or Black

Lamping:  Medium base bulb; Incandescent or LED
Max Wattage:  150 watts
Electrical Installation:  Hardwire

Suitable for damp location

UL Listed: Optional
UL listed version comes with round cloth covered pendant cord and external mounting hardware on canopy. Standard version with twist cord pictured.

Made to order
Lead Time: Ships in 3-4 weeks

Fixture Length:
Electricity Type:
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Finish Details - Unlacquered copper or brass is left in its raw, natural state. Oxidization is normal, and to be expected. This means that the canopy and cages, once given the final cleaning before packing, will begin to turn from bright shiny pink (copper) or gold (brass) to orangeish, and eventually to dark brown, and even green. This is the natural progression of the patina, and may take anywhere from a month to several years, depending on the environmental conditions surrounding it. The beautiful, natural patina of these metals is usually a desirable benefit to the material. If you choose to leave the fixture unlacquered as we suggest, then you will always have the option of either letting it naturally patina and age, or polishing it back to a bright "new" finish (steel wool or suitable metal polish is usually the simplest way to accomplish this). If you desire for the copper or brass components of your light to remain bright and shiny for as long as possible, select the lacquered finish. We will coat the metal with a lacquer spray that will protect it from oxidization, but there is an additional fee for this service. The lacquer will usually last for several years, but may eventually wear off.