Do you wholesale your items?

Not currently. We have chosen to sell our work directly to ensure the best pricing and service to our customers.


What is UL, and what is the difference between UL and standard versions?

UL is a third-party oversight company that provides testing and inspection services to ensure compliance to national safety standards. UL versions of our fixtures carry the UL mark, and in some cases may have slight design changes from the standard versions. A UL fixture may be necessary to comply with local building requirements, particularly in commercial applications. If you are unsure whether you are in need of a UL listed fixture, consult your building contractor or electrician. Our UL certification covers the United States and Canada.


Can you make your fixtures in finishes or colors other than what is listed as an option?

Probably not, but you can ask. We are a small scale shop, and do not have the capacity for large tanks, paint booths, and other tools that are required to produce a wide array of finishes. The finishes we offer are those that we are able to produce within the scope of where we work. If your project requires a specialty finish, please feel free to contact us. There are a few painted finishes we are able to do upon request, and we do work with a patina artist on occasion who is able to provide some finishes other than our standard offerings. Please note that there are additional fees involved with custom finishes.