Restorations & Repairs


Do you own an old copper lantern that now has some dents and dings?  No need to replace them! Artisan crafted lanterns are well worth the investment of restoration!

Khalima Lights is very pleased to offer repair and restoration services for your existing copper lanterns.  Copper is an everlasting metal - it does not rust or corrode - and in most cases, damaged parts can either be repaired or simply replaced to restore your light to its original state.  We also supply and replace gas burners and fittings, and electrical components and wiring.

If a light that you love has somehow become damaged beyond repair, we also specialize in building historic replicas.  It may be necessary to replace antiquated fittings with modern, longer lasting fittings (such as replacing steel or aluminum rivets with copper ones) but the original dimensions and design can be duplicated to recreate the essence of the lantern.  If you are interested in this service, please save any and all pieces from your damaged lantern as they will be necessary for us to examine, either in person or via photos, in order for us to duplicate the original lantern as closely as possible.