Product Care


Each Khalima Lights fixture will come with its own specific product care sheet, but just in case it gets misplaced (which would never happen, we’re sure!) you may refer to these general care guidelines:

  1. Use caution and care when handling lights and metal components. The cut edges of copper and other metals can be sharp! Handle from bent sides, not cut sides.
  2. If your fixtures are made from unlacquered copper or brass, they will develop a patina over time. Use gloves when handling and installing unlacquered fixtures to avoid fingerprints and smudges. The oils from your hands will cause the metal to oxidize faster in those areas than in others. Over time it will all blend in as the rest of the metal oxidizes, but if you happen to get some unsightly fingerprints showing up on your light early, they can easily be removed by rubbing a dry Scotchbrite pad (the rough side) over the spot.
  3. If your fixtures are unlacquered and you would like to remove the patina and return them to a bright, “new” copper or brass finish, this can be achieved by several methods. The ones we like best are either rubbing them down with a dry Scotchbrite pad, a pad of steel wool, or using any brass or copper polish according to the manufacturer’s directions. We recommend a polish called Brasso, which is available at most hardware stores.
  4. To care for paper lanterns, simply dust lightly with a feather duster. The clear acrylic sealer that is applied to the paper does allow for some light spot cleaning if needed. When spot cleaning, use a soft slightly dampened rag and gently rub in one direction on the affected area. Do not rub in a back-and-forth motion, as this may tear through the paper.

    The sealer applied to the paper on our lanterns does give it some extra durability and protection. But it is still paper and is still delicate. Handle them gently. In the event that a tear does occur, these are repairable - usually on-site without having to remove the lantern. Because of the fibers in the paper, repairs usually blend in very well and are barely noticeable once complete. If your lantern is torn, just send us an email with a few pictures of the damage. If the repair looks achievable on site, we will send out a complimentary patch kit with instructions. If it is to the extent that on-site repair looks difficult, we will let you know. The lantern may be shipped back to us to be repaired free of charge. Customers are responsible for all shipping fees.
  5. To care for Rust Patina steel fixtures used in sheltered outdoor applications, keep an eye on the rust. With outdoor use, it is possible that the clear sealer applied to the fixture may wear off over time and your lights may need a re-coating of sealer. If you notice that more rust is developing than what was there originally, re-coat the fixture with any clear acrylic spray paint. We recommend Rustoleum brand, gloss finish.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding your fixtures, please do not hesitate to contact us. or 843-608-5197