Oysters or How to Fight a Winter Cold

These last few days have been busy ones around here.  The visit of some special friends prompted Robert to do something new; something that all coastal dwelling Southerners should know how to do - harvest fresh oysters from a creek and cook them for a large group of people.  He jumped in his canoe, paddled out, picked them out of the pluff mud, washed them off and steamed them at the party.  Much fun was had by all.  Plus it gave our friend, Derek,  a chance to break in his copper oyster knife that Robert made him for Christmas.   And our largest Camellia order ever is due to ship out this week, and we are busy putting the final touches on all of the lights.  But last night and today, my boys started not feeling so well.  The moan of tummy aches, and the gurgly sound of a stuffy nose send are sending this girl into action!

Sometimes I really believe that feeling sick is just as much psychological as it is physiological.  Medicine only does so much.  I did run out to the store to get some cold-fighting seltzer tablets to dissolve in Zion's juice cup.  But I've come to realize (especially in my husband, Robert's case) that love can dull even the worst body aches that the medicine seems to leave behind.  And what else could say "I love you" more than a good home cooked meal, made by your loving wife and your adoring mother?  Not much.

It's homemade chicken soup for supper tonight.  And to really let them know that I seriously love them, I'm making this awesome sounding dessert from my new cookbook, Pon Top Edisto (given to me by my friend, Aimee, for Christmas).  Baked apples and cranberries topped with a nutty streusel and fresh whipped cream.  What's not to like?  Okay, I admit, the dessert is just as much for me as it is for them.  I do have an insatiable sweet tooth, and I started drooling while reading the sweets portion of the cookbook this morning.  Mama needs some love too.

If this recipe turns out to be delicious, I will be sharing in a post tomorrow.  Here's to good health!

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