It's Been Awhile

It has been some time since I posted - I'm so sorry, Carolyn (my one follower!).  But why I haven't been posting for the last two weeks or so is good news.  Great news, actually!

We have been bombarded with wonderful projects since January.  Like three different restorations of John Gantt lanterns, for instance.  I'm not sure why they came all at once, but we are overjoyed that people are choosing to restore these local treasures rather than replace them.  Please, if you happen to be blessed enough to have a lantern made by John M. Gantt of Charleston, South Carolina in your possession:  Do NOT replace it, toss it, or neglect it.  A piece of Charleston's recent history is within your care.  It is a rare thing to have such a finely made work of art built by the hands of local craftsmen, and its value will only increase as the legacy these artists left behind continues.  Your copper lantern is well worth the investment of repair.  Even when badly damaged, like some that have come into our shop over the last several weeks, they can be restored to like-new condition.

And then we went on a camping trip to Edisto Island!  Much fun was had, although it would have been nice to camp in our VW Bus instead of our tent.  But still - fun and well worth it just to hang out with the amazing folks of the Full Moon Bus Club.  If you aren't yet familiar with FMBC, you should be.  Here they are:

Wonderful people who love their friends, love to camp, and love their Volkswagens.

So we were surrounded by all the other cool buses, but I must admit that I was a little distracted photographing someone else.  Zion and I spend lots of time together.  Marvelous time.  Daddy and friends went out to an oyster bed nearby in our little boat and harvested seven bushels for a big roast that night.  I got to read while Zion took long naps in the tent.  And visit with friends from near and far, which is always the highlight of any FMBC camp out.

 These last two photos courtesy of Heather Kaczenas and John L'Engle Graham.

Khalima Lights