The Story of Yachitchus

This morning, Zion woke up and asked me to look for Yachtichus on Google.  Yachtichus is the name of the Transformer that Daddy made up.  So, we found nothing on Yachtichus.  Zion thought that we should do something about that.  So this post is for Zion.

First, he drew a picture of Yachtichus.

Then he made sure Yachtichus had his Energy Source.

Now, to introduce a new Transformer, Yachticus, to the world!

Yachtichus - according to Zion MacLeod

Yachticus is a Transformer Autobot goodguy.  He transforms into a boat.  His weapon shoots blue water and fire.  His favorite things to do (besides fighting the Decepticons), is to eat nut and bolt stew at restaurants, and sail.  Yachticus' best friend is Iron Hide.  The colors of Yachticus are blue, with orange and red stripes.  His motor is dark with red strikes (like lightning strikes).

Yachticus is unstoppable in the water, and he was fighting against Sound Wave or Bruticus.

The End.

Zion is four years old, and if you didn't already guess - really loves to make up Transformers.  He especially likes to build them out of Legos.

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