The Gin Joint's Gone Copper

  So, The Gin Joint is the coolest bar in Charleston, SC.  Hands down.  And we were so excited when we got the call from Joe Raya to come check it out, enjoy a few drinks, and see what we thought we could build for him that would not only add additional panache to their already swanky custom interior, but that would also make the bartenders' job run a bit more smoothly.

We all put our heads together and came up with a few game changing ideas for the place.  The first things we built were a copper ice trough to house all of their fresh ingredients that get mixed up into drinks every night, and two copper trays that follow the curve of the mahogany bar for their bitters.  Phase two was this custom designed copper tap, and installation of a copper bar top to replace their original typical stainless counter.

This was Robert's baby, from design to fabrication, to installation.

 The install of Phase Two consisted of 20 hours of hard, hard work - all done when the bar was closed so they wouldn't skip a beat.  Lindsay is soldering a drain into a custom inset tray for the bar.

 Measure twice (or four times) and cut once!

 The copper was cut to follow the graceful curve of the mahogany bar, custom built by local cabinet maker, Jack Bassett.

 And this is where we started to get really excited!

 A bit about this logo - thank God for friends with engraving machines!  This was a three hour job for the machine, but totally worth it.  The words are raised, and for some reason, everyone wants to rub this thing.  Thank you to Ken of Painted Bus, Paul, and to our good friend Snoopy for making this happen!

 Our little helper, wearing his earphones!

 Joe was pleased, and started to unpack.

 Here you can see the bitters trays, ice trough, bar, and tap.

 This inset tray with drain was made especially for Joe's six cups and spherical ice maker that he uses in nightly service.

 The taps installed.  Some for beer, and the rest for some Gin Joint signature cocktails!

 Why would you have a beautiful custom bar, that makes mind blowing mixed drinks, and have a boring standard tower?  We think Joe made the right choice in a change.  

This custom copper tower is the bees' knees!

 Robert doing a test run.  In this situation, drinking on the job is required.  

 All done!  We were sore and tired, and very proud of what we had built and accomplished.  But we promise, it looks best in real life!  So pay a visit to The Gin Joint at 182 East Bay St., downtown Charleston, to enjoy it for yourself.