24 Hours of Lemons Race South 2012

Hey, whadda ya know... we made the Car & Driver blog today!  

24 Hours of Lemons

happened this weekend... and there were these weird people in overalls with a copper still on the back of their '88 E30.

This was one of three pics of the car in Car and Driver mag's online blog today

Yes, that was us.  Robert put his coppersmithing skills to good use making a "still" to sit on the trunk of the car, while hooking up a keg filled with homemade lemon hooch, courtesy of Joe at The Gin Joint in downtown Charleston, inside the trunk.  A working tap fit just right on the outside of the trunk, and our lemon moonshine was a big hit.  That and the cut out of an outhouse on the top were all we needed to make a truly memorable hillbilly-mobile.

A good time was had by all, especially Zion, who was very excited to meet a real live Lego man!  He was equally rooting for his Daddy's car and the Legos car to win.  He also loved being a part of the team in his "hillbilly crunch-ry hat."  Yes, he says "cruch-ry".  Oh, yeah - and the race went great too.  The team finished 27th out of 100 or so clunkers.  Way to go, High-Dollar Hillbillies!

I think they were both thrilled.

It was a dream come true.

The Legos car was really cool, AND won in its class!

Campin' out, cookin' up our grub hillbilly style on our homemade wok - built from a tractor disc and horseshoes!

Yee haw!

Honkey Time Racing team, from right to left:  Derrick Waycaster, Zion, me, Robert, Carl McGee, Steve Cebulka, and Chuck